AMP A/S     Skovhusevej 17     DK-4773 Stensved     tel: +45 55 38 65 65     fax: +45 55 38 65 60     [email protected]     

AMP A/S   Skovhusevej 17   DK-4773 Stensved   [email protected]

tel: +45 55 38 65 65   fax: +45 55 38 65 60

Injection Moulding and special solutions for the healthcare industry

AMP A/S has decades of injection moulding experience, when you are looking for solutions, high demand of small tolerances and uniformity of your components.
For many years, we have supplied many of the largest Danish medical device suppliers with injection moulded plastic components. We continuously develop quality standards, validation procedures and quality control, and in 2019 we also became ISO 13485 certified (we were already ISO 9001 certified).

We have also specialised in injection metal components into plastic components, 2K molding as well as handling pad printing of products to the healthcare industry.
Vision control of molded parts and control of prints are implemented into several of our production lines. This gives an optimising of competitiveness and quality to mutual benefit.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate.

Download ISO the 13485 certificate.

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