AMP A/S     Skovhusevej 17     DK-4773 Stensved     tel: +45 55 38 65 65     fax: +45 55 38 65 60     [email protected]     

AMP A/S   Skovhusevej 17   DK-4773 Stensved   [email protected]

tel: +45 55 38 65 65   fax: +45 55 38 65 60

Manufacturer specialising
in thermoplastic injection
moulding for the medical
device industry

Precision injection molding, quality management, documentation,
product development, tool design and purchasing.

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Modern tools
We have ensured a consistently
high quality when purchasing
new tools.
Quality management
We always produce with
continuous quality control.
Professional expertise
We have dedicated and stable
production staff.

A state-of-the art
company with a
strong history

AMP A/S was founded in 1991 and ever since then, we have created valuable principles and set-ups for our production of injection moulded plastic parts mainly used within the medical device industry.

In 2016, the company became a part of Rego Silicones Group which has been very beneficial for customers of AMP A/S. Because of our belonging to the Rego Silicones Group, we are now in the same group as one of the leading mould making companies, Regoform A/S. Being part of the same group has enabled us to expand our know-how and expertise of component and mould constructions.

Special solutions for Healthcare industry
Decades of experience in injection molding with requirements for small tolerances and uniformity.

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Environmentally friendly and clean production
Hygienic production under controlled conditions, with “non human contact” of the products.

AMP A/S offer manufacturing in a controlled area and we can deliver products with CoC and/or CoA documentation.

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